TRU athletes to represent in Tokyo 2020

Former TRU players will represent their countries in the 2020 Summer Olympics

Gord Perrin (right) and Kevin Tillie (left) both played together for TRU back in 2010. (CanadaWest)

It is every kid’s dream to play in the Olympics, and that dream will come to fruition for two former TRU Volleyball players who played in 2010. Gord Perrin will be representing Team Canada while Kevin Tillie will be playing for team France. Beyond that, this is the pair’s second chance at experiencing the thrill of the Olympics after competing in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. During that time, these two faced off in the preliminary round where team Canada lost to France 3-0. Perrin and Canada finished tied for fifth while France finished ninth. With a solid resume of dominating not only on a collegiate level but a professional level too, these two have proven their talent. Perrin will not only compete for team Canada but also lead his country as he was named Captain for the upcoming summer games.

“This really is an example of how our program can develop guys for the next level in both professional and national teams,” WolfPack head coach, Pat Hennelly said.

“You can talk about what you want to do, but we can talk about what we’ve already done. Most kids, in any sport, they want to represent their country, they would love the opportunity to be on the national team. To have an example like that is extremely beneficial.”

Perrin, who has played professionally all over Europe paid his respects to his former school and coach for priming him for the international stage. “Hennelly has developed himself as one of the best coaches in the country at finding talent and preparing them to perform at a high level,” Perrin said. “He has done a lot for me, he has done a lot for other players, to grow their games.”

This is a huge indication for TRU athletes that playtime does not need to stop once schooling does. If an athlete is willing to work hard, network themselves and use connections, opportunities can materialize: childhood dreams can come true. Watch out for these two as they represent their country during the Tokyo Olympics this summer, July 24 to Aug. 9.