The Scratch Cafe opens its door for the semester

The student-run cafe served its first lunch of the semester on Jan. 14

The Scratch Cafe has lots of dining space and a full kitchen to feed hungry stomachs on campus. (Aidan Grether/The Omega)

The Scratch Cafe on campus is popular for being run by TRU Culinary students and building dishes from scratch officially opened their doors for the Winter 2020 semester on Jan.14. The cafe is open for lunch only in the first two weeks and will begin serving breakfast from Jan. 28.

For their first day serving for the year, the cafe decided to present to their guests a menu consisting of a combination of soups and a few other delicacies carefully prepared by the students.

The menu is designed keeping in mind the preferences of the guests. For instance, the menu includes dishes that are gluten-free and dairy-free, vegan dishes and dishes that come with meat, so there is a little something for everyone. The menu is posted on the cafeteria’s Facebook page on a daily basis.

Since the cafe is run and managed by students, the menu is shuffled daily and by doing this the students get to learn something new every day. The Scratch Cafe is popular for using ingredients that are sourced locally or are made from scratch. The cafe is not only one of the most power-packed eating places on campus when open, but is also known for producing food sustainably.

The cafe is located in the Culinary Arts building that is right next to the main library. The cafe is open from Tuesday through Friday for the public and university community from 8 am till 1 pm. With Starbucks and Tim Hortons being the busiest places on campus, visiting The Scratch Cafe doesn’t only give the TRU Culinary students a chance to practise and showcase their talents but also helps the rest of the university community skip long lines and try their hands at locally brewed coffee and soft drinks.

The cafe has opened its doors and shall remain open till April 23. So next time you have breaks between classes, do not forget to check out this gem in the Culinary Arts building on campus.