Predictions for who should win the golden man

Oscar Predictions 2020: All the films that should have lost to The Lighthouse

This film season held many fantastic movies that were all nominated for one of the most prestigious awards for film. And because The Lighthouse was snubbed hard for all except one, they all have a chance at the win. So here are the predictions for the winners of the Oscars 2020:

Best Original Screenplay: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Reason: Even though Parasite should win, OUTH will most likely win due to the quirkiness of the script while holding major callbacks to old Hollywood that the academy won’t be able to resist.

Best Adapted Screenplay: Little Women

Reason: The amount of page to scene comparisons that were done from the original book blows the rest of the nominees out of the water.

Best Visual Effects: Avengers: Endgame

Reason: Even the academy can recognize the scale that Avengers: Endgame was able to deliver.

Best Production Design: 1917

Reason: From the battleground to the location merits, it earns this section.

Best International Film: Parasite

Reason: The film is up for the best picture nomination while the rest aren’t.

Best Film Editing: Joker

Reason: The great delivery of songs mixed with scenes to the shots improving the narrative.

Best Directing: Sam Mendes for 1917

Reason: The one-shot aspect is pretty much a guarantee that it’ll win.

Best Cinematography: The Lighthouse

Reason: It should win at least one.

Best Animated Film: How To Train Your Dragon 3

Reason: From the sheer visuals with the great voice acting to the best narrative from all the nominees.

Best Supporting Actress: Florence Pugh from Little Women

Reason: Due to the delivery of a character meant to be the antagonist being as empathetic as the protagonist due to the acting alone is why she should win.

Best Supporting Actor: Joe Pesci from The Irishman

Reason: He was the one actor that was captivating whatever scene he was in the film compared to the rest that relies on the script to provide their characters with intrigue.

Best Actress: Scarlett Johanson from Marriage Story

Reason: She gives the most dynamic performance while still holding the most complex character arc.

Best Actor: Joaquin Phoenix from Joker

Reason: This performance stays with a viewer not only due to its delivery but also to the complex range of emotions that the audience has after viewing the film. This all came from his performance.

Best Picture: Jojo Rabbit

Reason: Even though all the other films hold greater individual parts, Jojo Rabbit is the only film that takes all the elements and creates the best movie-going experience. Not only does it have the most powerful impact compared to its competitors, but all aspects of the film also succeed greatly at their goal. Leading to why, in my opinion, it’s the best film of the year.