2020 to be a year of fitness at TRU

Build your strength and stamina with Bootcamp fitness classes, Zumba and other activities

This Winter 2020 semester has not only initiated a semester of digital detoxification but is also providing students and faculty at TRU with free fitness classes including Bootcamp fitness; Zumba; Slow flow yoga; Stretch, Roll and Restore and Bootcamp circuit.

This event has been planned as a semester wide affair and will hold its last classes on April 29. One of the most interesting parts of the event is that it is free for TRU students and faculty and is conveniently held on campus in the fitness studio at the TRU gymnasium.

The classes are short and are offered at different times during the day with the first class usually starting around 11:40 a.m. Bootcamp classes are a combination of cardiovascular exercises that help build strength and stamina. The participants are advised to perform the exercises according to their own level of intensity, whether they are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced level fitness participant. The slow flow yoga focuses on exploring the alignment of the mind and the body. This class includes teaching various warrior and opening poses and offering a well-rounded practice to participants from all levels of fitness.

Unlike Bootcamp, Bootcamp circuit provides an option of going at your own pace to the participants. The participants are required to exercise through a series of circuit stations that are designed to help build their strength, endurance and power. Students and faculty will get a chance to play and experiment with equipment like TRX, Bands, BosuBalls, Battle Ropes and much more.

Another fun segment of these fitness classes is the Zumba class. Zumba is known as a calorie-burning dance form for a reason and the instructors do their best to keep it that way. If you’re in the mood to relax the stretch, roll and restore class is for you where the instructor will guide you through a series of relaxing exercises to relieve the tension in your muscles and calm your body and mind.

All of these classes are being offered on campus right now and this academic year couldn’t have been more fun. No registration is required to be a part of the class, however, the classes are offered at a first come first serve basis and the participants are requested to report on time if they want to confirm a seat in the class.