TRU Sustainability hosts first-ever short film contest

Sustainability is looking for student short films promoting zero waste

The TRU Sustainability office is hosting its first-ever short film contest, and are looking for videos from students about waste solutions or how students deal with waste.

James Gordon, Environmental Programs and Research Coordinator at the TRU Sustainability office, said that the “bottom line is we just want to create short videos, educational videos, to get people educated about how our zero waste stations work. [Videos] can be on subjects such as the three R’s of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, you know the three magic words in waste management.”

Gordon added that “waste is one of those things, no matter who you are around the world, you need to deal with it in one form or another and so at TRU we’re trying to deal with it as responsibly as possible and so we just thought we’d create this contest so that people can offer their thoughts on how to do that.”

The short films must be between 15 and 60 seconds, shot in ‘landscape’ (horizontal) orientation and more importantly, must be silent.

Gordon said, “They can have text overlayed on top of them, but because they’re going to be playing in hallways and that sort of thing, we don’t want spoken words. The other thing is that we have people from all over the world and perhaps English is not their strongest language; we thought making them silent would help in that regard as well.”

More than anything, the TRU Sustainability office has attempted to make this contest as easy to enter as possible. Students are encouraged to film on their phones and to make the videos humourous, creative, shocking, and overall appropriate for students and faculty at TRU.

“Ultimately, we want people to look at the thing so that’s where their creativity comes in,” Gordon said. “Whether you’re going to use humour or shock-value, use something to get people’s attention because you want them obviously to be looked at.”

They are looking for a plethora of videos and encourage students to enter this contest. If your video is chosen as a winner, you will receive a $100 gift card to TRU food services, and it will be played on various TV screens around campus.

Gordon said, “I think here in Kamloops and other parts of the world, we’re kind of stuck in the recycling paradigm that everyone’s like ‘Oh, how do I recycle properly?’ and we really want to move past that to get people thinking about the reduce and reuse paradigms, and so that’s why we’re opening it up to all those three aspects, not just how to deal with the thing in your hand.”

For ideas on what this short film could look like, you can check out TRU Sustainability’s sample video on social media. If you would like your video fact-checked, you may send it to James Gordon at the TRU Sustainability Office at

Students can submit videos until Jan. 31and the winners will be announced on Feb 28.

Anyone looking for more information about the contest can find it on TRU Sustainability’s various social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Anyone interested in submitting a video for the contest can send them via and can be sent to Sarah Miller at the TRU Sustainability Office, at