The Witcher season one review

How The Witcher makes Game of Thrones look childish

The Witcher series, produced by Netflix, became one of the top ten most-streamed things on the platform over 2019, and it came out on Dec. 20, 2019, a mere eleven days before the New Year. That fact shows how in-demand the series was from the initial announcement of the show’s development, though it may also be due to the fantastic world-building, greatly acted characters or the interesting plot that give the books the series was based off a page for page reflection on the silver screen.

The Witcher follows the story of Geralt, a mutated monster hunter commonly referred to as a witcher, as he goes about his business when he is thrust into a political plot between armies, sorcerers, mages, and monsters alike that will lead him not only into a battle against impossible odds but a past he so desperately wants to forget.

The show’s entire plot is dependant on the actor portraying Geralt due to the character’s immense popularity, whether through fans of the video game to lovers of the book and the show’s biggest strength is Henry Cavill as Geralt. His dry wit to the pain he shows and intense mannerism towards intense character moments to his comedic timing carries the show through every episode and steals the attention of the viewer every time he is on-screen.

The lore that comes from some of these episodes makes watching an episode of Game of Thrones feel like Sesame Street compared to the heavy subject material provided here. Given the fact that The Witcher was able to do in eight episodes what Game of Thrones barely did in 10 episodes speaks volumes. (Plus, all the books are out for The Witcher so there’s a lower chance the showrunners can ruin it with a rushed last season, kinda like Game of Thrones did).

The Witcher does leave you on a cliffhanger but given that season 2 was renewed even before the show was originally aired, it’s fair to say that the show should provide a brilliant series for years to come, and if the next seasons even come close to the first season, then I’m personally strapped in.