The Freudian Slips start 2020 with Dungeons and Dragons

Yet another hit for the troupe, audience welcome the second part of the improv with roaring laughter

The Freudian Slips acted out a hilarious night of Dungeons and Dragons live and in the flesh in the second night of their D&D series. (Blake Chartrand/The Freudian Slips)

The Stagehouse Theatre echoed with the audience’s laughs and chuckles this Saturday. After all, it was the second Saturday of the month. The theatre welcomes The Freudian Slips every second and fourth Saturday to do what they do best: improvised comedy. The troupe is made whole by theatre students, semi-professionals and others that do it for a hobby.

The storyline has been presented to the audience in an episodic manner with episodes usually as long as a couple of hours with a 15-minute intermission to buy snacks and drinks that are generously supplied by The Red Beard Cafe across the street from the theatre.

The actors display a laudable comic timing and most importantly an admirable presence of mind which are two of the most important skills to perform improvised comedy. The actors weren’t the only reason that the audience was a bundle of uncontrollable giggles but also how the narration was carried out. The narrator, Taylor James McCallum not only made the show more fun but also very interactive by inviting the audience to make a few decisions for the cast. The actors were asked to roll the fate dice for every decision they wanted to make during improvisation which eventually decided the actors’ fate with their next step.

With the cast doing justice to their roles and managing to tickle the audiences funny bone without a definite script and just by their perfect comic timing, the show was a hit and a perfect end to a snowy Saturday night.

Just like every other Slips’ show, the audience is encouraged to dress according to the show’s theme and the participants get a chance to grab the hot seats before the rest of the crowd walks in. With a troupe that performs like a family, you won’t leave the theatre without a few giggles leaving you as you exit.

The next improv show is scheduled for Jan. 25, ‘Sahali Vice’ and the tickets can be purchased online in advance at or at the door.