Joe Davis becomes all-time leading scorer for TRU

Last weekend Davis scored his 1,025th point, putting himself in the record books

Joe Davis slams it down in a win against the MRU cougars where he broke the record for most points in history for TRU. (TRU Athletics)

History was made at the Tournament Capital Centre last weekend after Joe Davis sunk a basket to become the wolf packs all-time leading scorer. He dropped a cool 16 points in a win against Mount Royal University to bring his career total to 1,028 points, passing Kamloops legend Gregg Stewart’s old tally of 1,024 points. He was met with a huge ovation from the crowd after he scored the pivotal basket to put his last name in the record books for the rest of the time.

“Leading up to the game I knew I was close but not exactly sure how many points away. I didn’t want to know, but people in the athletic department kept reminding me,” Davis said. “I mean I didn’t even think about it until I was being congratulated after the game. I am really trying to just stay in the moment and focus on the team because I know I will have time to reflect after the season; however, with the media coverage, I’ve been able to reflect a bit and without a doubt, it’s an honour.”

Davis attributes his success to being well-coached, playing for competitive teams, and being consistent. “It’s all about the process of showing up every day to get better,” Davis remarked. “I really just think about all the players before me and think about the process of getting better over the last five years.”

Davis comes from humble beginnings. In his first year, he rarely played and found most of his minutes on the bench. He is a great example of what happens when you work hard and learn from others. Now he is passing the knowledge he gained from those above him and passing it down to the younger players.

“I had great leaders that showed me what I had to do to become an impact player,” Davis reflected. “What I constantly tell our first-year guys is what I was told as a first-year, I tell them that’s the typical process of being a university basketball player, I try and show them the work ethic and tools they need to be able to be impact players later in their careers. I try and inform them of the culture and process here at TRU. If they chose to buy in and be a part of that, then they will have a chance to improve and contribute. I also tell them to practice like it’s the games and get extra workouts in so they’re physically ready. This is their chance to absorb as much knowledge as they can so they can be mentally ready for next year.“

Watch Davis in action Jan. 31 when he and the TRU wolfpack take on the University of Fraser Valley’s Cascades, 5 p.m. at the