Disconnect to reconnect!

Students are invited to participate in reasonable media detox to promote health connections with tech

An initiative by the TRU’s Learning Technology Team, the Digital Detox 2020 Challenge is an attempt to ‘Detoxify your relationship to Technology’. The digital detox website helps you understand, connect and refresh. The goal of this detox is not to totally eliminate or boycott technology after all the participants will be receiving emails to access a blog that will help with the detoxification.

The blog helps you understand the problems and issues faced due to technology and especially emphasizes educational technology. The blog talks about ethics, equity, access, data privacy and how students and faculty get affected by the same.

The blog is also a platform for connecting with other TRU faculty who have similar questions or stand on the same page as you. They’re building a community that believes in establishing a healthy relationship with technology. The blog aims to refresh the way educational technology is being used today with healthier alternative ways.

What to expect?

The participants will receive an email notification twice a week about new posts on the blog, information about face-to-face meetups and help connect them to other resources. The goal of this detox is not abstinence but effective management, hope and empowerment.

Over this first month of the year, the blog will be laying out numerous problems with the way technology is being utilized and measures to hopefully correct it. The first two weeks focus on the problem and the last two weeks focus on providing solutions. There will be two face-to-face coffee chats over this period of time. The challenge that started on January 7 hopes to provide the participants with tools and resources to recognize and effectively resist the negativity that technology has successfully entrapped us in.

The blog is being penned by Brenna Clarke Gray who is a Coordinator at Learning Services at TRU. In her other posts, Gray talks about equity and data privacy. Interested participants can register for the blog by visiting digitaldetox.trubox.ca

If you no longer want to be a part of the detox, you can easily remove yourself from the list by reaching out to Brenna at her email at bgray@tru.ca