Venture Kamloops offers a variety of opportunities for locals

Jim Anderson speaks on the importance of economic growth in Kamloops

Venture Kamloops is the economic development organization for the city of Kamloops that helps to start up a new business effectively, expand an existing business into the city, and provides up-to-date information & analytics for investors and entrepreneurs.

Venture Kamloops helps to organize various business events in the city that enhance networking for businesses and helps their effective performance.

The annual Link Up event that took place on Nov. 20, gathered together many local business representatives at the Coast Hotel Conference Centre. The event was successful and helped to build the network for much existing business and helped for some recruiters to find talents they were looking for.

Venture Kamloops actively performed during the Tech Fest that was held at Thompson Rivers University along with BCLC and other Kamloops-based companies, in total counted 54 companies that were present at the event.

During the Tech Fest, Venture Kamloops had a chance to get in touch with some talented TRU students and showcase the organization’s opportunities that helps to develop talents.

“Tech Fest is important to us because it’s really hard to get all the people who work in a certain area of business together at the same time. And we’re lucky to have Kamloops Innovation and TRU Generator, so closely working together, because they develop that Tech Community,” shared Jim Anderson.

“It’s sort of ready-made for us to go and make those connections and find out if there any issues that are facing tech businesses, either new or established, or whatever the stage at. And finding if there is anything causing them trouble or anything that they really feel gives them an advantage in Kamloops any other sorts of points of discussions we might be able to help or point towards resources and those kinds of things,” Anderson said.

“We just did the Link Up event on [Nov. 20], Kamloops Innovation is an event partner with us on that. And we really rely on each other for the referrals back and forth, we’re making sure that we offer complementary services,” Anderson said.

“When I started here, almost seven years exactly. The biggest thing that I was faced with when I started here was all those different business organizations in town. There was Venture Kamloops, the Downtown improvement association, the North Shore Business Association, Kamloops Innovation, Tourism Kamloops, all these business support organizations got to make sure that we’re not doing the same thing. We need to make sure that we’re offering services not only different but also complementary.”  Anderson said.

Anderson also said that their key core services are help with startups. Venture Kamloops can provide help to entrepreneurs that are looking to start a new business, and help them to prepare a business plan, to present to investors or help to apply for financing.

Venture Kamloops has a program, ‘VK Accelerate’, that actually does all these sorts of functions. This program helps with deals that can provide marketing and advertising, renting a place for offices.

“We develop our VK Accelerate with the idea that we’ll help entrepreneurs and we would also fill the empty storefronts. So, all the entrepreneurs that have gone through our VK Accelerate program have moved into a location that was previously unoccupied,” Anderson noticed, “So it’s a win-win.”

Anderson also noticed that their company utilize all the social media platforms to build networks and to find new talents. 

Anderson stated that Venture Kamloops has plenty of opportunities for TRU students and graduates.