Banff Mountain Film Festival inspires others to get outdoors

The 44th annual film festival comes to Kamloops with 20 short films

The infamous Banff Mountain Film Festival came to Kamloops on Nov. 19 and 20, and a whole lot of short films to share.

Hundreds of Kamloopsians came to the Paramount Theatre downtown to enjoy the adventure films. This year, the Banff Mountain Film Festival had over 450 submissions to their festival, with approximately 100 of those being B.C. based.

Those who attended both nights of the festival watched 20 different short films, 10 on each night. At the Kamloops screening, the longest film was a 45-minute feature on two men’s journey through the Grand Canyon titled ‘Into the Canyon’, and the shortest, approximately three minutes long, followed a french skydiver explore BASE jumping in Mexico, titled ‘The Flip’.

A theme of the Banff Mountain Film Festival is that all of their films are adventure-based. The films explored various types of adventure including, biking, running, skiing, surfing, rock climbing, and more.

Many of the films explored death-defying action, including surfing through ice-infested waters and bouldering up rocks where you can not afford to fall. Some films focused more on the creative aspects of adventure, such as turning an abandoned fishing boat into a sea-worthy craft, or building bike trails for people to enjoy.

The films that were submitted to the Banff Mountain Film Festival came from all over the world, including France, Russia, Norway, Arizona, and more. Many countries were represented during the festival, B.C. being the most common.

Many of the films also had symbolic and important themes within them; many of them discussing how the world is changing. One film that specifically commented on adventure being more eco-friendly included ‘Electric Greg’, a story of how a man saw the effects of climate change on the world and decided to do something about it.

Almost all of the movies were based on real-life events as well, giving each of them more depth. The events that happened in the films were the stories of these people and gave you insight into their lives and the challenges they faced. Although, some were created to humour the audience and excite them, including ‘Hors Piste’, an animated short that followed two mountain rescue workers whose mission to save a man trapped on top of a mountain goes from bad to worse very quickly.

The Banff Mountain Film Festival has something for everyone, and luckily, Kamloops was one of the first places in the world to have access to these films. For those interested in seeing trailers for the films, they can check out and can find tour dates on there as well. The festival will be travelling through Kelowna on Dec. 28, so get your tickets now!