TRU helps students navigate assignment crunch time

TRU Library hosts annual event to support students get through impending deadlines

Computing Science student, Kenneth, found a quiet spot with a slice of pizza hoping to tackle his assignments. (Lisa Chernyshova/The Omega)

On Nov. 14, in the Main Library TRU students had a chance to enjoy the event Long Night Against Procrastination.

The event started at 7 p.m., by the entrance students were welcomed by the library’s staff and organizers of the event Students were asked to present their idea, they were given a schedule of activities of the night and were asked to proceed and enjoy the night.

At the event, there were no only the writing help Centre, but other different help centers and some Wellness activities. 

There were Writing Help Centre, Peer Academic Coaches, Mini-Spa by Bhumika’s Salon and Spa, Student Wellness Ambassador Team, and yoga.

“Today, I’m representing the PAC program, supported by the TRU university. So, we’re academic coaches and we’re here to help students to study efficiently, maybe we can propose some new learning strategies that students can implement to their habits. And yes, it seems like it’s been highly beneficial so far, we’ll see if students will come and seek our help today,” Elvira Rizvanova, a science student at TRU, said.

“Never study the day before the exam! Do not waste your time studying, when it’s twelve just go to sleep. It’s been shown that people who just sleep without studying during the night, they show much better results on the test, because at least they can recall something that they knew before than when you just overloaded your brain with the information, and you just completely forget everything,” Rizvanova said.

During the night student took all the spots across the library and some people were just sitting and studying on the floor among the book’s shelves. One of the students from the computer science program was working on his project for the work.

Kenneth came from the Ivory Coast a few years ago to TRU for the computer science program.

“I came here pretty late at 9:30 p.m., actually I’ve got a message from my friends saying that there is this event,” said Kenneth.

He came there, as he wanted to have some work done and plus there was some tasty pizza.

A Political Science student at TRU, Michael Zaitlin shared his thoughts about the event.

“Sometimes if you study at home or when you study by yourself, you can get caught up by things. But something about an event like this, it’s a mix between its fun, and it’s not like brutal, everyone else is suffering, meeting up here in this cool little community, and free food, and popcorn,” Zaitlin said. 

Jenna Goddard, one of the organizers that put the LNAP together with Main Library’s staff told that this is the seventh event for her.

“We organize this, it’s every semester, something that was new this year, we usually had it all night long, but we’re ending it at 1 a.m.,” Goddard said.

“We’re a little bit afraid that people weren’t going to come, but it’s been very successful, we’ve got over 300 people,” Goddard said.

She explained that this year that they’ve done this event ending at 1 a.m., like previous times when the event was all night long, people were sleeping or watching Netflix, so they weren’t really using their time.

“So, we kind of wanted to encourage people to have healthy sleep habits, as well as you know to have the community feel and all fun events that are part of our habits,” Goddard said.

“You know, the first year when we did it, it took a long time, but we’ve done it so many times, that now it’s pretty quick. We probably started to organize this one a month and a half ago” shared Goddard.

The event was fun, nice and with cool, diverse activities, there were over 300 students and 75 boxes of pizza.