It’s not even close to Christmas: Last Christmas review

When Game of Thrones ends and you have nothing better to do

Emilia Clarke is a talented actress, she’s shown that. Henry Golding is a good verse actor, he’s shown that. But even those two can’t save this messy, unfunny generic, dumpster fire that is this Christmas movie that makes me wish I didn’t celebrate the holiday.

Last Christmas follows Kate, a down-on-her-luck 20-something woman who, after meeting the most positive man on the planet, learns to appreciate life more as well as the people in her life.

This movie sucks. I can’t tell you how many times I heard a joke that didn’t land or was waiting for a bit to be over so that the film could be over sooner. Which sucks because of the issue that Emilie Clarke and Henry Golding are talented performers who have made similar material work with ease. And when they are on-screen together, you can see the chemistry between them. The film also takes the talented actress of Emma Thompson and turns her into a foreigner punchline the entire film which is deplorable in its own right.

There also is a moment that felt so politically forced that it couldn’t have been more subtle than someone knocking on a door using a wrecking ball. And if the film touched on it more than twice than maybe there could have been a great display of perspective, however, it doesn’t do anything other than haphazardly try to seem woke while it comes off as distracting.

Probably the funniest thing about this show was the twist. Now, I normally don’t speak on the screening of the film due to the matter of its subjectivity, but I feel this instance holds relevance. I was sitting there and halfway through I turned to the person I was with and told them what I believed to be the twist. Their exact words were, and I quote “No, that can’t be it, that’d be so stupid.” I then turned out to be right.

This movie had a major marketing campaign, however, since the film’s release, there haven’t been any ads for it. That’s no coincidence, with people now knowing that the lack of story, humour or originality has turned this film into a must-avoid picture.