History is made as TRU player makes professional draft pick

Jan Pirretas Glassmacher is the first-ever Wolfpack athlete to be picked in a professional sports draft

Jan Pirretas Glassmacher was picked third overall during the
Canadian Premier League’s second inaugural U-Sports draft. (TRU Athletics)

This Nov. 11, the entire TRU men’s soccer team crammed into the living room of an apartment to hear the word. Some skipped class, some were sipping beers, and everyone had high hopes.

This was not any sort of remembrance day gathering; this was the chance to witness a historic moment, a soccer dream come true; this was a draft party.

The centre of attention was cast on none other than the team captain, Jan Pirretas Glassmacher, who earlier that week was forecasted by experts to be picked as number two overall in the second annual Canadian Premier League U-Sports Draft.

The anticipation was electric. The first two picks were announced as the team held their breath and watched.

On the third pick, Victoria Pacific Football Club stepped to the mic and announced Jan Pirretas Glassmacher from the TRU Wolfpack. The team erupted in celebration and danced around the draft pick for five minutes straight.

Ecstatic to see his boyhood dreams come true while putting Thompson Rivers University on the map, Glassmacher reports: “It was a surreal moment, one that I will remember for the rest of my life. I get goosebumps thinking about it.”

Glassmacher made history becoming the first-ever Wolfpack athlete to get drafted into a professional sports league, one that incidentally is not easy.

Out of all the 48 soccer teams in U-Sports, only 12 players were drafted. That equates to about having a one percent chance of getting your name called.

Not only was this a huge step for Glassmacher, but also for TRU Men’s soccer.

“I am so excited for Jan,” Head coach, John Antulov said. “Not only is he a fantastic player, but a fantastic person as well.  He has been massive for our program since we recruited him. For him to finally start getting some success has been huge for himself and for the program as well. It says a lot about Jan, but also says a lot about the program itself.”

Pacific Football Club will begin informal workouts in January and February with training camp set to begin in early March.

“Time to put down the burgers,” Glassmacher jokes. “I’m super excited for this opportunity and I plan to make the most of it and not regret anything.”    

Jan is hoping to sign a U-sports professional contract meaning he will be able to play professionally as well as complete his final seasons with TRU.

Keep your eye out next fall as he plans to return to Kamloops for the 2020 season in September.