Community gathers for poetry reading and discussion with TRU alumnus

Conrad Scott returns to TRU a reading and to discuss his book: Waterline Immersion

Former TRU student, Conrad Scott, gathered with students and members of the community in the TRU Art Gallery to read from and discuss his first published poetry book: Waterline Immersion.

Scott did his degree at TRU, his Masters at the University of Victoria, and recently completed his Ph.D. in English and Film Studies at the University of Alberta.

“I immediately saw the potential in Conrad as did many of my colleagues in the department of English and Modern Languages,” said one of Scott’s former professors from TRU.

Waterline Immersion discusses how identities are formed, whether it be an identity of a person or of a place. Much of Scott’s poetry reflects his life in the city, and the river lines coming together in Kamloops which are similar to family ties coming together. Scott’s poetry also discusses his Norse Viking bloodlines.

“Part of the Norse mythology ideas that enter [the poetry] involve creation and destruction stories, because that’s essentially the mythos of the culture,” Scott explains.

He further says how in the book, he tried to bring back the Norse mythology and reanimate it to connect it to modern-day, as well as including real archaeological discoveries that tie into the theme of the book.

“In pursuit of doing the research about thinking towards the future, you come up against the fact that the ice is melting in various places and glaciers are retreating. Things are coming out of the glaciers and permafrost, meaning ancient artifacts.”

At the end of the discussion, Scott answered a question from the audience regarding his family research for Waterline Immersion.

“Some stories about my family history came up organically; I had been told these stories by my grandparents for as long as I can remember and these stories helped make up the world around me. And many of the stories happened to come up while I did my research, or were ideas that I chose to further pursue.”