AWT presents a high stakes show with unpredictable twists

‘Retreat’ by Kat Sandler is sure to thrill audiences and comments on the competitiveness of reality

The cast of Retreat receives there orientation to the corporate retreat from Scoutmaster Candace Matchwick (right) played by Marianne Stad). (Elizabeth Nygren/The Omega)

The Actors Workshop Theatres’ new show ‘Retreat’ by Kat Sandler is opening on Thursday, Nov. 21 and sure to excite audiences.

The show follows four interns as they all compete for a position at an accounting firm; Fischer, Cox, Sutton and Tate. They all head to a company retreat at an old summer camp, lead by an eccentric scoutmaster and are given a task to complete if they want the position.

Jakob Kopytko, an advanced theatre student at TRU, plays Paul, one of the interns at the retreat. When describing the show, Kopytko said: “This show is the journey of four interns through the trials and tribulations that their company puts them through to prove their devotion.”

Lukas Vanderlip, a third-year theatre student at TRU, plays Jordan, another intern. Vanderlip added that “the show sort of functions as this sort of commentary on the viciousness of the modern job market and how insane it is and how hard it is to get a job.”

Kopytko said that one of his favourite things about the show is “the whimsy cartoon elements that this show has in both the design aspects and also in the characters.”

He adds, “the characters are kind of like archetypes and stereotypes of certain versions of people, but they also have a lot of depth to them which is fun to play with.”

When asked about her character, Avie Cachelin, a fourth-year theatre student at TRU said, “she’s like relatable in that self-deprecation way. Which I really enjoy because I’m like ‘ugh, girl same.’ I find her very relatable and really fun.”

Cachelin, who plays an intern named Kira, added, “it’s kind of like parts of me that are me but I’m actually getting to explore them in an outward way.”

Vanderlip hopes that many people will come to see this show, and believes that it has something for everybody.

“There’s a lot of swearing and violence,” he added, noting that it is not suitable for children. “But also the show goes a lot deeper into the social commentary and the writing is so clever and funny. It’s just a hilarious show, every line is like a one-liner.”

Cachelin added to Vanderlip’s point by saying “It’s a lot of fun, and there are twists and turns but at the same time it’s making very pointed commentary and it makes you think.”

Tickets are available now for $15 at the TRU Actors Workshop Theatre box office in Old Main, open Monday-Friday, 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. or at The show runs from November 21-23 and 28-30 with shows starting at 7:30 pm.