A look inside the life of a ballerina with the Moscow Ballet

Moscow Ballet Great Russian Nutcracker’s ballerina shares her pathway to ballet

Anna Trofimova has been a ballerina and audition director with the Moscow Ballet since 2015. (Submitted)

The performance given on Nov. 10 at the Sagebrush Theatre was quite memorable. One of the ballerinas that played among other main characters in the Nutcracker, Anna Trofimova shared her career story of the ballerina.

“I have worked in the company Moscow Ballet since 2015. I’ve been working as an artist of ballet, but now I’m also working as an audition director for the Moscow Ballet,” Trofimova said.

As she explained the audition director’s responsibility includes travelling to ballet schools in different cities and rehearsing with kids and other young ballet dancers before the actual season of a tour will begin.

The Nutcracker performance included not only ballet dancers from the Moscow Ballet, but also some students and young dancers from local dance studio the Academy of Dance.

In order to make the performance look professional and to make artists dance synchronically, there always needs to be some practice done before. Trofimova’s responsibility includes not only dancing for performances of the tours but also giving classes and rehearsals for local students from the ballet schools.

“It’s our fifth season and our company works with different ballet schools, and they make the schedule, and then seven of the audition directors travel to schools. Then the ballet company arrives and we give the show and kids dance with us,” Trofimova said.

Trofimova graduated from Donetsk Ballet School and worked as a ballet dancer there. Then she worked as a ballet dancer in Kharkiv, where she was invited to join the Moscow Ballet company.

Trofimova expanded on how it is to go with tours and be on the road almost every day travelling from city to city.

“We have around seven ballet shows. So, every day we arrive at the ballrooms, depending on how long the road is sometimes we arrive 4 hours before the show and we always do classic rehearsing,” Trofimova said.

The schedule of the tour is quite busy but Trofimova said that she enjoys watching the dancers be passionate about what they do.

On the question about how their team manages to keep themselves up in a shape all the time, she explained that in their company they are not forced to keep any diet, as they spent so much energy on dancing.

Trofimova said that the audience in Canada and the USA is very open-minded, cordial, and welcoming, and it’s always a pleasure to give shows for them.

“I can’t say that in some cities the audience was more or less welcoming, usually the audience is very thankful, and we try to do our job to the best of our abilities,” Trofimova explained.

“This is the 27th tour of the MoscowBallet Nutcracker, so the company exists for 27 years”, Trofimova noticed.    

Moscow Ballet’s program of this tour will take place from Nov.1 to Dec. 30, where they will perform in 140 cities across the USA and Canada with three simultaneously performing companies. The program of the tour will include seven shows, one of them the Nutcracker.