TRU LEAP takes students to explore Kelowna

TRU students had the opportunity to explore a new city with fellow classmates

LEAP provided trips to Kelowna on Nov. 9-10, where some students have enjoyed their time in Downtown of Kelowna and shopping in the Orchard Park Shopping Centre.

TRU LEAP has sold the tickets for trips to Kelowna on Nov. 5 at the front desk in the International Building quite quickly as the price for tickets was only $20 including lunch.

On Nov. 9, students had met with LEAP organizers at 9 a.m. of the morning on TRU’s campus for their trip, where they had signed it, received their lunches and proceeded to the bus.

The bus trip to Kelowna took only two hours, during which some of the students enjoyed their time on the bus, listening to music, reading books, or catching a nap.

The bus arrived at Downtown Kelowna, where students were given two hours to explore downtown, and wander around the streets of Kelowna.

Some students enjoyed their time in the Kelowna City Park, some of them went to visit Kelowna’s coffee shops or to taste ice-cream.

One group of students went to enjoy the art of Kelowna’s artists. They attended the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art and the Kelowna Art gallery.

In the Kelowna Art gallery, they explored the exhibition of one of the famous Indigenous artists – Daphne Odjig. It’s been an exhibition devoted to her 100 birthday. Daphne is known as ‘the grandmother of Canadian Indigenous Art’ and influencer in circles of Indigenous communities. She was the most celebrated Indigenous painter and printmaker.

After their time in Downtown Kelowna, students were taken to the Orchard Park Shopping Centre, where they had a chance to do some crazy shopping for three hours.

“On trips like this, you get to see lots of new places”, said Abhijith, who supervised during the Saturdays’ trip. Also, he volunteers for the LEAP almost for a year. “Since I’ve started to volunteer I’ve had so much fun with LEAP”.

Their group went to the park, ice-cream shop, restaurants and some other places around downtown.

“This trip was already pre-planned before the semester began because you’ve seen the calendar this trip was organized a way ahead, even probably in the summertime”, he said.

Abhijith said that the LEAP social media part is mostly done by the Jillian and contributing volunteers.

For Saturday’s trip, 49 TRU students had joined the LEAP’s organized activates.

It was a wonderful trip for TRU’s students, who enjoyed some great time out of their routine schedule and studying.