A film festival set to excite any outdoorsmen

The Banff Mountain Film Festival aims unite the outdoor community

The Banff Mountain Film Festival is coming to Kamloops next week to show some exciting mountain-centric films that are sure to get fans excited. Harry Gillett, an organizer for the event, works at True Outdoors which has been working with the Banff Film Festival for many years to put on this annual event.

Regarding the festival itself, Gillett said, “it’s a once a year festival for basically mountain-centric arts in Banff. The full name is actually the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival. They show a whole bunch of films and books, a bunch of other things happen as well, but afterwards, they make a selection of the films that were submitted to the festival that travels all around the world, and that’s the film fest as we know it in Kamloops.”

Gillett notes that the book festival doesn’t travel and stays in Banff for the duration of the festival.

Each year, a liaison from the Banff Film Festival travels with the films all around the globe to put on this highly acclaimed series of films. True Outdoors’ hand in all of this is to prepare the City of Kamloops for the arrival of the film festival.

“Our role would be to promote the festival. We’re responsible to organize what happens here in Kamloops; to book the venue, to sell tickets. We [also] provide the door prizes,” Gillett said.

This is the 44th annual film festival and Kamloops is the second stop on this grand world tour, directly after Salmon Arm.

Gillett said “Part of the blessing and curse of being the second stop on the tour, is for the next few weeks or so they’re making the selection that’s going to be on the world tour so we don’t actually know what the films are going to be until like a day or two before it gets here.”

Because the festival always comes to Kamloops each year, Gillett just hopes that this year is as good as the last.

“We know that the festival is popular; we know it’s well-loved and not necessarily because of us, so we hope that by putting it on, we are sort of like facilitating the outdoor community in Kamloops,” Gillett said.

The Banff Mountain Film Festival will be held at the Paramount Theatre downtown Kamloops from Nov. 19-20, for two nights of thrilling films. Tickets cost $25 per night and can be purchased at the True Outdoors store on Notre Dame Drive, or online at trueoutdoors.ca. They are also offering a special two-night deal; $40 for both nights but only available in-store.