TRUSU club puts on premiere film for students

The Out Here Ski and Board Club is hosting a premiere for the film The Collective

The Collective, a film by the company Faction Skis, will be premiering at the TRU Clock Tower on Nov 8, hosted by the TRUSU Out Here Ski and Board Club. It should inspire teamwork, and get people excited about the upcoming skiing and snowboarding season.

Vince Austin, President of the club, said “The Collective is kind of a team movie, the pro-skier team that they’ve [Faction Skis] developed, represent their brand, and they cover a lot of different disciplines and everything from urban skiing to big mountain adventure skiing. It kind of features a little bit of everything.”

Luckily for the club, they were able to get the rights to the movie for free. Austin said, “Faction Skis website lets you sign up to host a free preview from them, so we did a preview from Level One earlier this year, and we have for many years, and it usually costs a little bit of money to get screening rights but this one was completely free.”

Although the film is free, the club is asking for entry by donation to support the club and its members. “We are doing it by donation because there is some effort that goes into putting it on; thankfully there was no charge to actually purchase the films and the rights,” Austin said.

The Out Here Ski and Board Club put on movie nights often, but this one is a special event considering it is a premiere.

Austin said, “This is a premiere itself, but we do host regular ski movie nights on every second Friday of other ski movies, ones that have already previously come out.”

The club has also been at TRU for a few years now and is always looking for new members. When asked about the club, Austin said “we’re pretty small, like we have a really tight group. We’re all really good friends and do everything together. We’re super welcoming to new people, and we really encourage people who want to ski and snowboard to come join.”

Austin just hopes that there is a good turnout for the event and that people get excited about the upcoming season. Austin said, “they’re always a lot of fun and it’s a great way to get excited for the ski season to watch a ski movie with all your ski and board friends.”

The film starts at 7:30 p.m. and people are welcome to arrive anytime after the doors open at 6:30 p.m. They will be watching ski and snowboard related videos during that time in between.

Anyone interested in joining the club or getting involved with events can contact the club on FaceBook and Instagram at Out Here Ski & Board Club Thompson Rivers University, or by email at They show films regularly so there’s always an opportunity to get excited about winter sports.