TRU Generator hosts Startup Basic Series

Students and innovators meet to discuss available resources and opportunities

The TRU Generator hosted a couple of events on Friday, Nov. 1, inviting students with startup business ideas to share and discuss them with innovators who have experience.

The first event, ‘Start-up Coffee’, was hosted in the morning and guided by Mario Reyes Castro, who also works for Kamloops Innovation as a Community Builder.

The workshop consists of resources near you on campus or in Kamloops itself. For example, Kamloops Innovation, Venture Kamloops, and the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce.

“We will provide (students) with any information that they want to know, go into the details of their idea, see where they’re at right now, and see how we can help them,” said Castro.

He also explained to the students how the first and most important step for any startup is getting your name out there and building your network. The start-up coffee meeting happens on the first Friday of every month where students gather and have a very informal conversation about their business ideas and get information about how to go further with it, the do’s and the don’ts.

When asked about the purpose of the event, Castro explained, “The purpose of it is a very informal chat. Just come here, enjoy a coffee and talk about your business ideas and interests. Depending on what we talk about we can provide details on the subject and other people can elaborate about the same and help each other out.”

The second event that took place in the evening was a part of the TRU Generator’s start-up basic series where innovators talked about the different resources available for getting one’s name out there.

The talk covered important questions and topics like the tech and start-up lingo, the role of Kamloops Innovation and TRU Generator, the different support organizations and where to look for funding. The Start-up Coffee, Start-up Series, and TRU Generator are powered by the Kamloops Innovation Centre.

The next Start-up Series event is scheduled for Dec. 4, 2019, where the innovators will be talking about social media for start-ups. The event will also include a diverse panel of entrepreneurs and start-up owners who will share their tips and tricks, struggles and highlights of starting and growing a company in Kamloops.