North Shore meets a new brewery, Bright Eye Brewing

Bright Eye Brewing hosted the first evening welcoming lots of beer-lovers from Kamloops

Bright Eye Brewing offers a variety of craft beer options as well as a full service kitchen for a great night out. (Cailyn Mocci/The Omega)

On Oct. 29, 2019, in the North Shore, two blocks away from the Red Beard cafe, the Bright Eye was opened at 280 Tranquille Road.

“They’re four of the co-owners in the Bright Eye, the two brewers and Mitch and Richard who are also on our board. Richard has done most of the restaurant’s stuff, because of the also one of those who started the Noble Pig,” shared Tyson Andrykew, who is the co-founder of the Brewloops.

Recently, Mitch and Richard also had won the Young Entrepreneur Award of a year due to their hard and active work in other businesses as Red Beard cafe and Brewloops Festivals.

Two of the brewers, Bryan Craig also a mechanical consultant at Core engineering, and Tylor Windsor is an outreach worker with ASK Wellness. A board of co-founders had hired around 50 employees to run the place.

North Shore meets a new brewery “the Bright Eye Brewing”

The process to organize everything before their opening took more than two years for 4 co-founders. The menu was developed and designed by four of the co-founder to fit everyone’s tastes and expectations.

In general, the restaurant can seat around 120 beer-lovers, however, it’s designed in a family-friendly style.

The Interior décor of the Bright Eye surprises guests with a beautiful real tree and body of a car.

The Bright Eye not only brings a new and unique design of interior décor to Kamloops breweries but also with new crafted beer types. The one they’ll be serving is Vinous Pinot Gris, Strawberry Julius, Fire Alarm, and Juice Springsteen.

“It’s a very fabulous place,” said Andrykew, “They have a very interesting model of their types of beers. If you’ll be looking at the other breweries in town, they take their beers and then put it on tap. These guys are doing something called the ‘bright tank’, so you actually get the beer directly out of the tank. So, it’s not been canned into anything.”

So, in  Bright Eye Brewing people will be able to taste some very fresh flavours.

But the Bright Eye will be also serving cider and different types of wines of local producers.

The Bright Eye Brewing is a truly new and fabulous place in town, that brings together community members to share their love for beer, community and just anyone who loves to spend a wonderful time in the unique atmosphere.