KamCon 2019 gives attendees a sense of community

KamCon hosts their second annual convention at the Campus Activity Centre

Creative and unique tabletop roleplaying games were on display at KamCon 2019. (Aidan Grether/The Omega)

Kamloops Conventions stole the show this weekend with their nerd-themed extravaganza at the Campus Activity Centre (CAC). Attendees from all over Kamloops and beyond enjoyed the plethora of vendors, shows, and games that were offered at this weekend’s event.

There was much to see and do at the convention including 32 vendors in the Rotunda, mainstage shows in the Terrace room, and a whole shebang of games available in the Grand Hall. Vendors included businesses from around Kamloops, and outwards, including Chibi’s Anime Goods and Collectibles from Kelowna.

Nikki Krogfoss, a member of the Chibi’s team said “I love the organizers. They’re really nice, a lot of nice booths and stuff here. It’s been really busy. We’re enjoying it.” This was their first year attending the convention.

The Freudian Slips were also in attendance this year, hosting their own booth and their much-beloved Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) improv as a mainstage show. Lizzy King, Stage Manager of the Freudian Slips said, “It’s awesome. There are a lot more people here than I actually thought.”

There were also other shows and demos, including role-playing demos and a performance by the band “Let’s Go” from Barriere.

And of course, there were many games to be played. There were board games that anyone could choose from to play and try out, as well as role-playing games (RPGs) that those interested in could sign up for. All of these were available throughout the entire weekend.

Comic fans, gamers, artist and fantasy lovers came together for KamCon 2019 over the weekend. (Aidan Grether/The Omega)

Those in attendance heavily enjoyed the con and appreciated the atmosphere that it created.

Laithen McNaughton, a returning fan of the convention said: “It kind of gets the community together and it helps people find others that are interested and kind of gives us another chance to dress up which is fun.”

Alex Koch, a first-time attendee of the Kamloops Convention said her favourite thing about it was “the people. Everybody’s dressing up. I was so shy when I got here but now we’re all having a fun time out here; everybody’s passionate about something.”

Although the con was fantastic and everyone enjoyed what it had to offer for its second year, many people wished for a few things more to put it over the top. Koch noted that a place to get food would be excellent and King said that more music would be fun as well.

Eric Holland, a first-time attendee of the convention, gave some suggestions that could put it over the top for him. “I feel like maybe a couple more panels and also, it’s a little bit hard to get around, but otherwise, it’s great.” Holland has attended other conventions previous to KamCon, including the San Diego Comic-Con back in 2015.

Taylor James McCallum, a member of the Freudian Slips said “it just needs more exposure. So that more people in the community know about it because I’m sure that people who don’t know would be here.”

All in all, Kamloops will be seeing another convention next year, and it will most likely be bigger and better than ever before.