Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) game review

The game that made us kinda love COD again

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) is the high octane action piece that has always been in this return to form installment with an emphasis on gameplay as opposed to microtransactions.

The main campaign follows soldiers attempting to find a terrorist organization/leader in order to find a bioweapon taken by enemy forces. It also gives a rebooted origin to the character Price as well as introduce new characters such as Farah.

The campaign is fantastic with the levels, giving it a feeling of returning to the original games which made the series one of the best selling franchises of all time. There is a lot of typical instances of American patriotism (which is almost required when making one of these games) but here there seems to be a refreshing take of inclusion for different religious backgrounds.

The combat is as good as it has always been with the formula not really changing here. It needs to be said that the community isn’t any less toxic, but it is as rage-inducing as it has always been.

With this kind of gameplay, Call of Duty does this smart thing where it gives a campaign where the players succeed in killing computers making them feel almost like heroes who can’t be beaten. So when a player takes that sense of invulnerability to multiplayer fails, it shows both what the player is and what the player can be. That’s ingenious because most adults will see that as progress towards a goal that gives off a sense of accomplishment, however, most people do take it too seriously and genuinely attack people’s mothers. 

The weakest part of the game would most likely be the spec ops mode. It isn’t broken or blocked by paywalls, though the multiplayer aspects of the co-op aren’t that strong due to the lack of variety. Where the other previous version of the mode was dedicated to certain aspects of the mode, this is a separate mission that doesn’t hold the attention of players like its predecessors.

The continuous action is non-intrusive with microtransactions and is all free as of date. The game focuses on the gameplay, and that’s what a game should do. And like a friend from long ago, I’m glad it’s back.