TRU Food Services launches reusable container program

TRU's new iniatives encourages campus community to live sustainably

TRU Food Services have always been at the top of their game when it comes to sustainability and reducing our ecological footprint. Food Services have worked closely with the TRU Sustainability to achieve the title of the coolest university in North America.

Recently TRU Food Services have levelled up their sustainability game by launching eco-friendly reusable containers at different food joints across campus.

TRU Food Services and TRU Sustainability joined hands for this venture and have a name it the eco-container reusable program. The goal is to cut down on waste by reducing the number of compostable takeout containers on campus henceforth reducing our ecological footprint while also getting a free meal.

The participating food joints include Urban Market, The U&M Deli, The Workbench and International Café. All students have to do is order food and ask for it in a green eco-container which is free of cost.

The next step is to get a stamp card with your container, return your container after you’re finished with your meal and get a stamp on your card. The final step is to get your free meal once you have received 10 stamps on your card.

TRU Food Services has been working hard with many other great initiatives. These initiatives include zero-waste stations across campus to promote proper waste disposal. All napkins on campus are biodegradable and made with 100 per cent recycled content as well as to-go cutlery made of 68 per cent renewable materials and to-go packaging of 100 per cent recyclable or biodegradable materials.

All food preparation locations on campus work hard to compost all organic food waste and ensure all packaging and materials used to prep your meals are recycled properly. As well, all food waste is measured and tracked to provide data that will assist in keeping TRU as sustainable as possible.

On top of their new Eco-Container program, TRU Food Services also has been working with its Fill it Forward program available at all water refill stations on campus.

To get on board with this new initiative, visit any TRU Food Service location and inquire further.