The Haunted Courthouse welcomed Kamloopsians to take a tour

Attendees dared to take on the spooky courthouse as it shifts from Arts Council to horror house

During three days on Oct. 25 to 27, the Haunted Courthouse was a place were citizens of Kamloops had a chance to get scared by lots of beings and to have some adrenaline experience.

The event was especially attractive for students, who had a chance to have a break from studying and pressure of school’s deadlines. The Kamloops Makerspace provided LEAP with the building for the event, which is located on 7 Seymour Street West, Kamloops, and usually operates as Kamloops Art Council.

On Oct. 25, 2019, the first evening of the event the weather was super windy, but all the visitors were extremely excited to get in.

By the entrance, volunteers hospitably met all the visitors in beautiful and scary outfits. Students of TRU had a chance to present their student cards and to have free tickets for the tours. Furthermore, students were treated with free tickets for food and sneaks.

Students were assigned into different groups that followed the schedule of tours into creepy rooms with sketchy characters of the old courthouse.

Right from the doorway of the entrance, students were presented probably with the creepiest, disgusting scene of a dead baby in the hands of a crying lady.

Going further there were scary, and the fun scene which gave visitors an adrenaline rush, and sense of being present in the horror movies.

The fact that the event took place in the Kamloops’s old courthouse, gave the event an additional touch of mysticism.

LEAP coordinator Jillian Folk not only organized the event but also took part in the event by meeting and helping visitors.

“As an event planner, you always think in long-term and short-term. So, honestly, I probably had started planning the event back in August”, shared Folk on how long it took for her to organize the event.

“In the short term, probably three weeks before, of really starting the marketing and all that kind of stuff, and getting volunteers,” said Folk.

Most of the volunteers are from the TRU, yes. But, we also worked with Makerspace, so some of them are from the Makerspace as well. The event also had a security guard, and St. John Ambulance to provide a secure and safe environment. 

“We never had any accidents before”, assured Jillian. “But just in case, for an event like this, for this many people, in case of accidents of hurt attacks or allergies, I’d rather have professionals to deal with that,” said Folk.

Folk said, that the Makerspace worked on decorations part this year. The event had welcomed lots of people, who had some great fun a bit spooky experience and had a taste of Halloween.