Rocky Horror Picture Show comes to Kamloops

KFS hosts the epic film screening of cult classic complete with costume contest

The Kamloops Films Society in collaboration with local horror connoisseurs Drunk in a Graveyard, presented acclaimed cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show with all the bells and whistles. Attendees took to the sold-out show in all levels of costume in anticipation of the costume contest that preceded the film.

Drunk in a Graveyard’s Robin Goodfellow greeted a sea of audience members who filled the theatre with excited chatter. All attendees who dressed up in anticipation for the contest took to the front of the theatre, anxiously awaiting instructions from Goodfellow to strut up and down the aisles of the theatre for all to see including the panel of judges.

All costumes held amazing skill, craftmanship and/or a truly beautiful sense of humour. The competition was a hard one for the panel of judges but ultimately the judges gave the title of Best Costume to the picture-perfect replica of main characters Brad and Janet.

Attendees were encouraged to bring props from home or purchase pre-made prop kits from KFS, props including water guns, confetti, toast and newspaper to name a few. This was anything but a silent, “polite” film screening.

Moviegoers took the instruction to call back at the screen with gusto, making for a hilarious viewing of an already entertaining classic. Callouts ranged anywhere from sarcastic lude comments towards the characters to booing the narrator off the screen.

The Paramount Theatre became home to water gun fights, toast tossing, and gleeful shouts and laughs. The Kamloops Film Society and Drunk in the Graveyard hit it out of the park with an event Kamloops has been missing for years.

Locals can look forward to more fun events like Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Paramount. Keep an eye open for announcements from KFS at