KamCon is sure to bring out the geek in everyone

KamCon is preparing a bigger and better convention for its second year in Kamloops

KamCon 2019 is the perfect place for anyone to get their geek on. Tyler Carpentier and Julian Leader will be hosting their second convention at the Campus Activity Centre from November 2-3.

KamCon is a convention for those interested in gaming, among other geeky elements, such as Dungeons and Dragons also known as D&D, as well as anime.

Tyler Carpentier, organizer and owner of KamCon, works with his business partner, Julian Leader, to put on this convention. Carpentier says that their main goal is “to try and give people exposure to stuff that they’ve never tried or maybe never even thought of before.”

It’s the perfect place for advanced gamers to go and meet other fans, or a great place to go if you’re new to the gaming scene.

Carpentier said “We’ve got stuff for beginners, and then we’ve got stuff all the way up to advanced high tier sort of gaming. The current edition of Dungeons and Dragons is a big part of why it’s exploded in the last few years,” Carpentier said, “Probably within the last five years, there’s almost been like a Renaissance for it. The current edition is very easy to get into.”

The convention itself started off as a D&D themed event but has since grown to accommodate more of the gaming community. This year, they’ve added even more to the schedule. They’ve specifically added more anime-themed content, which they didn’t really have much of previously.

“We’ve expanded it this year, so this year we’ve got not just D&D or games, we’ve got live music coming, a Punk band, called ‘Let’s Go’ is coming out … there are the Freudian Slips, they’re doing a D&D improv, and they’re funny as hell. This year we’ve added a lot of anime content.” Carpentier said.

Because the event was so successful last year, Carpentier and Leader decided to branch out even more, with a Board of Organizers to help fund and coordinate the event with them. The first year was completely out of pocket for Carpentier and Leader.

“Last year, was just us. We just crossed our fingers and worked our butts off. And this year, we’ve got a Board of Organizers that have helped us make it bigger. We knew that to make it bigger, we couldn’t do it just by the two of us, so through the last year, we’ve had a board of organizers of about 8 people or so working on different aspects of it and that’s been absolutely critical.”

Luckily, Kamloops has an excellent gaming community. Due to the initial reaction to the convention, Carpentier and Leader hope to make this an annual event.

“We want it to become a local institution in the gaming community because we learnt last year that our gaming community’s pretty big. We want it to be able to help people who are sort of on the fence, we want it to be a place where people can come and learn the hobby, and a place for people to try new things.”

If anyone is interested in getting involved with KamCon, they can contact Carpentier at info@kamloopsconvention.ca or can check out their social media channels.

To attend KamCon, people can either register online ahead of time at kamloopsconvention.ca or at the event when they arrive. A full detailed schedule of their mainstage shows and events is available on their website. Tickets range from a $5 general admission pass to a $60 Critical Access pass, which gives you access to gaming the whole weekend, along with some exclusive merchandise.

Check out KamCon at the Campus Activity Centre from November 2-3, with events happening from 8 a.m.-1 a.m. on Saturday, and from 8:30 a.m.-11 p.m. on Sunday. Bring a friend and roll for fun!