Arts Ambassadors Club hosts their first event

TRU club hosts Harry Potter-themed event to bring students together

Halloween came early on campus with this Harry Potter themed party hosted by the TRU Arts Ambassadors. The second floor of the art and education building was no less than the King’s Cross Station.

Students flaunted not only their Harry Potter themed attire but also other props. The event was hosted by the current arts ambassador Emily Breiteneder, who is in her last year of the Bachelor of Arts program, Michael Zaitlin, one of the forerunners of the arts ambassador program and Benjamin Matthews, who came up with the idea of having a social gathering for Arts student. Matthews is currently away studying abroad.

The event was open to all and regardless of it being Harry Potter themed, students were welcome to wear any kind Halloween attire. The ambassadors were not expecting such a big turnout.

Arts After Dark being their first event, all they wanted was for a few people to show up.

“We’re trying to work with the dean’s office to create this arts ambassadors program to find an access point where events can happen and eventually supplemental learning, student resources and other things can be added. It is just a way to make memories amongst the Arts department,” Zaitlin said on the new program.

The ambassadors said the real motive behind this event was to bring the arts community together.

Benjamin Matthews, who is a final year arts student studying abroad right now originated this idea and wanted to make it work. Zaitlin said, Matthew, he is in his last year and it was his idea – you’re a science student if you’re in physics or chemistry or biology, if you’re a business student, there is marketing or math but art definitely gets trapped in the mindset that they’re a philosophy student or geography student and we just don’t have that kind of community.

“This is our first event, we are doing it as a set of events that are going to be hosted over a couple of months to bring the arts communities together.The harry potter event was based around a couple of games, we’re gonna do a mock Quidditch game, we’re doing trivia, we’re doing hide and seek trivia cards, collectible wizard cards.” Regarding the future for the arts ambassadors, Breiteneder said they just hope to continue to bring the arts community together. “I don’t know the exact direction that it will take, but just giving a voice to Arts students, and having them more involved in TRU. Things like that.”