Kamloops Art Council hosts exhibition by local artist

Ron Chertkow shows a beautiful mix of colours and nature

Ron Chertkow has teamed up with the Kamloops Art Council to display his exhibit Nature As I See It: Let Me Show You. Chertkow is a Kamloops based artist who creates his art from what inspires him at the moment using photographs that move him.

Ron describes his technique in steps: he creates the background, then adds the subject matter. Once the canvas is completed, the final step is he begins to create his outlines and finally sprays his painting with a fixture to complete the canvas.

All of Ron’s paintings are a beautiful mix of vibrant colours perfectly coordinated with calmer and cooler shades. The paintings have a high contrast theme and catch the audience’s attention for its vibrancy.

Born in Vancouver, Ron loves skiing and skating. The paintings in the exhibition are Ron’s collection of acrylic on canvas, in Ron’s personal thumbprint.

Mostly produced at “Saturday Morning Art With Kelly” which he has attended for the last four years. Chertkow is a part of the Antique and Heritage club and also volunteers for the Boosters Club for the Blazers.

Apart from Ron’s works, the Kamloops Art council is also curating the works of artist and gallery coordinator Leah Bojey called the Relevant Serenity ~Mostly water… among other things.

The theme for Bojey’s artwork is an experiential exhibition of places and things that capture moments and evoke emotion. This exhibition is a first for Bojey where she has depicted her artwork into lakes and oceans in acrylic paint.

The opening reception will be held on Oct. 25 and the exhibits will be running until Nov. 2.