Arts Ambassadors club brings new opportunities for art students

Arts After Dark is putting on their first event: a Hogwarts themed party

What better way to get festive for Halloween than to attend a Hogwarts themed party hosted by the new TRU Arts Ambassadors?

Emily Breiteneder, who is in her last year of the Bachelor of Arts program, is helping co-host the Hogwarts themed party, happening on Thursday, October 24. She is one of the new TRU arts ambassadors and is working with her fellow peers to put on new events for arts students. They are excited to be hosting their first event, Arts After Dark: a Hogwarts themed event.

Breiteneder said “It’s kind of like a Halloween party, you could say. We really are encouraging people to dress up, have fun with it, bring friends, bring whoever, and we’re gonna have games; we’re gonna do like a mock Quidditch game, little activities like that. There’s gonna be baked goods. We’re gonna do Butterbeer; just a whole bunch of games. Just a really social gathering.”

Although the party is Harry Potter themed, people can feel free to dress up however they would like.

The arts ambassadors are hoping to have a good turnout for their event, and want students to come out and mingle with their peers.

Breiteneder said “For this event, honestly we just want people to show up. We’re not super confident that we’re going to get a huge amount of people because it is so new. We’re just starting out. But just show up!”

When discussing the ambassadors, Breiteneder said “It’s brand new. This is our very first event. We’re starting from the ground up. I believe it started or came about, I wanna say like last year.”

Ben Matthews, the initiator of the arts ambassadors, is currently away on study abroad right now, but had a vision that arts students should connect more as a community. Breiteneder said “Ben’s big issue, I guess, was it feels like arts students kind of get forgotten. There’s so many disciplines and faculties under the arts that no one really knows about, so his main vision was bringing all the arts together and just kind of having a voice at TRU.”

Regarding the future for the arts ambassadors, Breiteneder said they just hope to continue to bring the arts community together. “I don’t know the exact direction that it will take, but just giving a voice to arts students, and having them more involved in TRU. Things like that.”

Anyone interested in getting involved with the ambassadors or events can contact Michael Zaitlin, one of the forerunners of the new arts ambassadors program. Zaitlin and Matthews worked together to start the arts ambassadors, and Zaitlin has taken the reigns as Matthews is away. For more information, you can contact Zaitlin at

The event is totally free, and available to everyone, no registration required. Arts After Dark: A Hogwarts themed event is from 5-8pm on the second floor of the arts and education building. People can arrive anytime between 5 and 8 to join in on the festivities, and spend some time with fellow arts students.