Untitled Goose Game Review

Showing that any premise works nowadays

Untitled Goose Game is almost like playing through a simulator of how to be a rascal through the eyes of a very cute goose who is just the worst.

Untitled Goose Game follows the player, a goose, who goes around trying to steal a variety of things from strangers in order to steal a bell for the goose’s bell collection. That’s as close to a plot that this game is going to get.

The purpose of this game comes down to a few things: you act like a tool for fun, you get to know what it’s like to be a goose and you create your own fun. And honestly, it works on all those levels.

The artwork of the game is a standout style that gives both an innocent nature to it as well as works with the mischievous antics that this goose gets up to. And not only did I just make my own good time, but it also didn’t take weeks to do it, which is honestly need every now and then.

Most games that come out nowadays come with huge price tags with 20+ hours worth of content that devolves to someone either loving the mechanic of the game to the point that 20 hours turns into 60 or its games that demand constant play sessions via online multiplayer. Yes, most of these things define the game world, but it also assumes the player has nothing else going on to devote time to. And with students not having a lot of time as is, that can be really frustrating.

With this game, however, it skips all of that. It doesn’t give you a 20-minute cutscene showing how being a soldier kicks butt. Instead, it tells you how to move and says “Alright, you’re a goose, have fun.”

The game can literally be completed in 20 minutes if you really try but its starting cost of $20 is not a bad trade-off.

Untitled Goose Game is an indy game that isn’t story-driven, yet carries with it a refreshing sense of traditional tomfoolery that’s cathartic in a sense. It gives off a easy going walkthrough, and that’s something that even a Goose would appreciate.