TRU alumni shares his story of becoming a successful entrepreneur

TRU's Adam Miron opens conversation about startups and growing to serial entrepreneurship

Dean Michael Henry thanks Miron for the entrepreneurism insight during Business and Economics banquet. (Lisa Chenyshova/The Omega)

On Oct. 9, School of Business and Economics hosted a banquet in the Mountain Room to welcome a former TRU’s graduate and now a successful entrepreneur, Adam Miron.

The event was supported by the School of Business and Economics and the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce. This event was a great opportunity for students and faculty to learn about Miron’s path to success.

Members of the Enactus club opened the banquet with a speech of quick facts about Miron’s business path.

“It’s good to be home! Kamloops is always has been my home-base, I’ve moved around quite a bit, every time I’m there it’s good to be back,” Miron started his speech. “How much TRU has opened my eyes, it was such a key role, a key period of my life! It was all about conversations, it was about expanding your opportunities that the world had.”

He told the crowd how he appreciated TRU’s courses that gave him a knowledge base and as well as helped him to find out his strengths. Also, he said that core courses that impacted on his life choices were Business Writing and Politics. Politics was something that helped to make up his mind and made him move to Ottawa.   

He noticed how much TRU has grown and that he is honoured to be a guest speaker for the university.

“I have probably over 20 companies under my belt. I think the key role for any successful entrepreneur, is that you need to get through the failures, you have to find them, you have to work through them, and you have to get rid of them,” Miron described.

He said that he had lots of them and he had dialled with them, that’s what helped him to become knowledgeable, experienced and full of ideas. Miron shared his memories of failures as a kid, and how they helped to strengthen his mind.

Miron told that he worked as an assistant for Ross Jardine, and how much knowledge he gained from him.

Also, he said that Jardine taught him the notion “if you ever gonna start a business, you can’t do one foot out, one foot in, you gotta do it all in.”

Miron said that this notion helped him to determine his priorities, focus on one thing at a time and gain success.

Miron and his team at HEXO Corp raised their first million dollars in 2013, since that time it’s still growing and expanding.

“We have 1400 hundred employees, 9 different locations in Canada alone,” Miron described.

He also noticed that the HEXO has been going through failures and have been almost bankrupted a couple of times, but as for its current activities, it’s developing successfully and they’re expanding into Europe.

Another one of Miron’s key points for those who are looking to start a business was, that entrepreneurs have to enter their business and be ready for the “Dark Days” and be stubborn in their undertakings.

Miron’s visit to TRU was an incredible opportunity to hear first-hand about his experience path to success. The event was an occasion for TRU’s faculty, directors and deans to be proud of its talented graduates who do some successful business.