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Dracula: The Bloody Truth will have you laughing on the edge of your seat

From the moment Dracula: The Bloody Truth began the audience was sucked into the hilarity of the show. The production follows Dr. Abraham Van Helsing as he retells the tale of how he encountered the blood-sucking vampire, Dracula.

With the help of three seemingly talentless actors, who are in reality very talented by their excellent portrayal, Van Helsing tells his ‘true’ story of Dracula.

A majority of the humour of the show comes from breaking the fourth wall, meaning the barrier between the actors and the audience is broken. What also arouses laughter is the fact that this ‘play within a play’ goes wrong numerous amounts of time, with set-pieces breaking and characters taking too long to change, among other things.

This play within the play follows Jonathan Harker, a simple man who sets off on a journey to find the infamous Dracula.

The show also follows the storyline of Harker’s love interest and what hijinks Dracula gets into to torment these people’s souls.

Not only were the acting skills of these three professional actors stellar, the amazing timing of gags and technical elements were also something to marvel at.

Moments when set pieces were dropped and broken left you wondering ‘How could they have possibly done that?’

At one part in the play, a chaise lounge chair on stage broke, leaving you curious on how they could have made that possible without it falling apart on its own.

Another moment is when the set itself seemed like it was going to collapse, with unsuspecting bits of it tilting and surprising you.

The amazingly timed sound effects also left you imagining that the actors themselves were genuinely getting injured on stage. There were specific moments when they were hitting one another and the sound perfectly collided with the action, causing you to wince in your seat as one got hit by the other.

As this is spook-tober, it’s only fair that Dracula: The Bloody Truth should creep a little into your bones. Luckily, it did a bit of that as well. The lighting and fog added to the spooky factor, and when Dracula would creep onto the stage, the lights would dim for his appearance adding excitement and wonder. There were so many beautiful factors that made this show eerie and chilling as well as comedic.

Dracula: The Bloody Truth is a brilliant family-friendly feature that anyone could enjoy. This is not your traditional Western Canada Theatre production, but anyone of any age could easily enjoy the unexpected humour and surprising effects of this show. There’s no better time to get Halloween ready than to go enjoy Dracula: The Bloody Truth.

Western Canada Theatre’s Dracula: The Bloody Truth will be running Oct. 11 to 19. Tickets are on sale at the Kamloops Live! Box office at 250 374-5483 or online at