International Career Cafe organized at TRU for International Students

International students gather to discuss career opportunities and strategies

The Career and Experiential learning team at TRU organized the International Career Cafe event on Thursday, October 10, designed to guide new and old international students to plan and strategize every move throughout their job finding process.

The event was very informal and was more of a one on one session with Larry Iles, Career Services Councillor at TRU than a lecture with a presentation.

“The idea behind the international career cafe is for groups of international students meet with a career counsellor to have an organic conversation about what it is like to work in Canada, to immigrate to Canada, what the work situation is, where the labour market is or where the jobs are,” said Iles.

The event was a safe space to talk about questions all international students generally have but do not ask out of fear of being wrong or because they believe they already know the right answer.

Important topics like study permits, work permits and their requirements were talked about. Iles explained how different fields require different labour forces and offer unique labour market to be worked with. For example, for a job in a field like human resources, an individual should try to start with a smaller community making their way up to a bigger city with more experience but for a job in fields like supply chain management one should try and start from a bigger city itself.

The search for an ideal job should start at least four months prior to the students’ graduation.

On being asked about why an event like International Career Cafe was important, Iles answered “This really alleviates some fears because a lot of students have some questions and they ask their peer groups but they are new international students as well so what they’re finding is some mixed messages. The idea is to just provide a safe space to have (these) conversations.”

Every year, TRU welcomes a huge percentage of international students that add up to the student body.

Events like these not only help students relieve their stress about important and informed decision making but also helps them identify and grab opportunities that come in their way while they look for jobs.