Get the inside scoop on the Sam & Jeremy Podcast

Creators of the local podcast share their experiences with the platform

Podcasts cover any and every topic under the sun. They provide perspectives that might be lacking from traditional media and are more accessible than ever. The reason for their popularity seems to be the informal, conversational style of the medium; podcasters are able to connect with audiences based on topics and their personal opinions on them.

Sam Neufeld and Jeremy Kneeshaw, both residing in Kamloops, started their podcast merely out of curiosity. With being in school and working, the two friends record episodes in their free time and have been doing so for the past year.

“It was one of those things where you kept getting one step further in the process and you’re like, ‘oh, we can actually do this,’ Kneeshaw commented.

Both Neufeld and Kneeshaw work for the WolfPack, so they’re discussions include what’s happening with the teams. Along with that, they talk about events in Kamloops and at TRU and answer questions they receive from their listeners. Neufeld commented that some of their best conversations have come questions or feedback from the listeners, whether it be on what music they listen to while strolling across campus, or which characters from The Office they identify as. The podcast also has an ongoing segment called ‘Beer of the Week,’ where they talk about and sample breweries from around the province.

“As a [Communications] student, the podcast is a good way to learn about marketing and writing,” Neufeld explained. “The cool thing about TRU is that you have a lot of opportunities to try these things, whereas they might not be easily accessible at a bigger university.”

In the future, they want the podcast to focus more on TRU student life, such as the students’ personal interests and stories, in order to connect the podcast more to the school.

In more recent years, podcasts have become easier to produce. Getting good equipment is not as expensive as people think, and if you have ideas you’re passionate about, getting them onto a platform such as a podcast seems less like work and more like a hobby.

“I think it’s a fun project to learn how to set up sound gear, or editing, recording, and learning how to talk in an interview without tripping over yourself or tripping over somebody else,” Kneeshaw said.

As people, we love storytelling, not only for its entertainment value but because stories give us new perspectives of the world. Podcasts give us the ability to tell real, engaging stories, which ultimately connects to people on an emotional level. Listeners are able to pick up on topical content and personalities through these stories, giving the medium a more vulnerable touch.

To hear it for yourselves, The Sam & Jeremy Podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcast and Google Podcast.