The TRU Baseball season is back in business!

The baseball season returns to TRU as the players expect a record-breaking season

Let’s play ball! That’s right, you heard it, baseball is back in full swing at TRU. Last season, the men’s team finished their successful year placing fourth in nationals during the 2018 fall season.

They made it to the Canadian College Baseball Association semi-finals before losing to the University of Fraser Valley in the spring. Their total record was 21-7 during the regular season; they headed to playoffs sitting first in the league.

“This year, we definitely expect to win!” Bryant Jameus, a fifth-year pitcher from Kamloops exclaims. “We finished first in the regular season last year, so we had high expectations heading into playoffs, but we didn’t play up to our potential. This year’s expectations are much higher as we are positive we can beat anyone in this league.”

“I’d say anything less than winning the championship would be a huge let-down this year. We are strong as a team. If we can pitch well, we will be able to win a lot of games,” Jameus passionately continues,

After the success of last year, it is clear that the boys want to maintain that same energy heading into the new fall season. The numbers that were earned last year were the best that Wolfpack had seen within the last ten years.

“I would definitely say that’s the most success we’ve had since I’ve been here. We’ve had some good teams before, but last year was a step above,” Jameus recalls. “The Wolfpack is using this fall season as a way to prepare for another crack at Nationals, which will be held in Toronto. Unfortunately, we finished fourth last year when we should have been able to beat all those teams. We kind of blew it. This year we expect to win.”

You can feel the confidence and energy oozing from this baseball team to make their mark this season. With a powerful mindset, a slew of returning players, and a taste of triumph from last year, it is a brewing pot for something special.

Do not miss the action! Grab your peanuts, your lawn chairs, and come support the boys on their quest for their best season yet. Their next game is Saturday, October 5th, at 1 p.m. at Norbrock stadium in Kamloops.