TRU Housing residences get new name and for one, a new look

On-campus housing now sports new names for all three residence buildings

Andrew Mackereth, Residence Life Manager, really “cuts” the ribbon at the East Village renaming ceremony. (Aidan Grether/The Omega)

Last Monday on-campus residents, as well as TRU students, were welcomed in for a renaming ceremony at all three residences.

Taking place at 3 p.m. the new names were announced, with East Village being the biggest change (formerly Upper College Heights). Changes have also taken place at the other two residence buildings, McGill Residence replaces McGill Housing and North Tower is the new name for TRU Residence.

Not only does East Village now have a new name, but they also have a new look. With summer renovations coming to a close, the rooms have a great new feel including new flooring, appliances, furniture and a fresh paint job. East Village is now home to 200 residents!

There are approximately 1200 students living on campus, North Tower houses over 550 and McGill just over 300. There are still spaces available at all three residences, with East Village offering an included Summer agreement.

TRU Housing is home to all types of students, including mature, first-generation students as well as many international students who all come together to make Kamloops feel more like home.

The rebranding and renovations are an important first step for the growth of TRU Housing. “As TRU is growing as a University we wanted to expand our housing as well,” Andrew Mackereth, the Residence Life Manager said of all three buildings.

Mackereth has worked at TRU Residence since 2016 and has seen a lot of progression within on-campus housing. “We can start fresh and start new and build these communities from where we want to start and not where we have been previously,” Mackereth said speaking of the renaming.

“As the University acquires more housing and more beds we wanted to kind of make the three buildings under one umbrella term,” Mackereth continued. “When we were coming up with the names we wanted something that the students would be able to identify with and connect with”

Offering support and resources is a large part of the on-campus experience “we are expanding what students can expect at each building and the kind of services that we are offering,” Mackereth responded.

More information about all three buildings can be found online or on any of the buildings’ social media pages.