The Drowning Girls is sure to soak up your attention

WCT's first show of the season is a jaw-dropping mystery that will leave you in suspense

WCT’s first show of the season was an amazing spectacle that left you curious and enthralled. The 80-minute show with no intermission, felt like 10 minutes, as the three female actors kept your attention the whole way through. This is not your average theatre production.

To set the scene, three women were each drowned in a bathtub by their husbands. The mystery of the show is that all of their husbands were the same man with a different name. These vulnerable women each tell their story while moving around their own beautiful, clawfoot bathtub. This show is wet, dark and told rapidly by these three actors who work together in perfect rhythm.

The tragedy of the show breaks your heart as you hear the tales of woe from these three talented women. Any moment of humour that gave you a glimmer of hope was quickly dashed by the harsh reality of an abusive husband. Each moment felt eerie and quiet until the startling sounds came in to remind you of the horror in this show. It played with the horror sounds we all know (and maybe love) but was unique as it wasn’t gory. No blood, no screaming. Just a ghostly retelling of these women’s stories.

What adds to the thrill of the show is the fact that this story… is true. These three murders occurred in the early 1910s, each approximately one year apart from the last. The man behind the murders had married each of the women and killed them to steal all of their inheritance and belongings. He then moved onto the next lovesick victim after changing his name and was eventually convicted for these murders and hung.

The tale itself is very frightening but the effects of the show made it even more riveting.

The effects of the physical water in the bathtubs on stage kept you hoping to get wet. Hearing the water splash around in the bathtubs kept you alert, and the squish of wet socks on the concrete floor made you squirm in your seat (we all know how uncomfortable wet socks can be). These women were not afraid to make a splash.

The changing light and the ominous sounds kept you on the edge of your seat and had you moving your head to look at where the action was going to take place next. It was a marvellous spectacle that kept you excited at all times.

This was a story of women taking back what they had lost. It was powerful, moving and so captivating that you left the theatre speechless. Morgan Benedict, former TRU Alumni, Genevieve Fleming, and Cheyenne Scott all played the roles beautifully and powerfully. Each was just as talented as the other and all worked in sync with one another in such a captivating way.

The Drowning Girls is certain to enthrall and make you think about how everything may not be quite as it seems. Tickets are available at the Kamloops Live! Box Office and the show runs until Saturday, September 28. If you love mystery and thrilling tales, you won’t want to miss this.