TechFest hits up the TRU campus with unique innovations

Local innovators showcased new technology for the TRU community

A celebration of the technology building BC’s interior took place on the TRU campus on September 19th. The event was hosted in the Industrial Training and Technology Centre (ITTC) and organized by Kamloops Innovation.

TechFest evening brought together people from various spheres -Technology, Agriculture, Forestry, Mining, Transportation and Manufacturing, and our TRU students.

There were more than 54 companies, along with local inventors who had presented their unique, Innovative High Technology, as a new collection of guitars, virtual reality, and High-Security Data analysis among others.

Mike Miltimore, founder of the Riversong guitars presented his new, redesigned line of G2 models, and brought his best masterpiece –SE Ice Blue.

Miltimore and his family have been building guitars for their music store since 2006. They’ve been making traditional guitars for siz years.

“In 2012, we released a new design, with which we’re winning awards all over the world,” Miltimore enthusiastically shared.

He also confirmed that Prince William, during his and Kate’s visit to BC, was pleasantly surprised with Miltimore’s present, specially designed for the royal family.

For the question, “And you still stay in Kamloops?” Miltimore responded, “I was born here, and I don’t see any reasons to move somewhere else. It’s where my family, my friends, all the people I know are in Kamloops. There is no place like home,” concluded Miltimore.      

There were some companies that not only presented their products and services, but we’re also looking for some new talents and skilled students who are about to graduate.

A Kamloops-based company that assists entrepreneurs with development and resources, Venture Kamloops has been searching for new talents. They also specialize in networking and recruitment, as well as talent attraction, development and retaining.

Another company iTel presented their brochures about currently open job positions. This company provides their services mostly using the Business-to-Business approach.

The governmental company, BCLC was also looking for some new talented workers.

Virtual Reality, Cypress Robotics and Magiq had brought their equipment for a free trial and audience attraction. Cypress Robotics provided a free trial in the harvester simulator prototype.

Industrial Instrumentation & Control Foundation has presented its Final Project that is used in many industries such as oil & gas, mining, and manufacturing.

A Kamloops-based gold mining company, New Gold, presented its new innovative drills with automatic navigation. Their company gets developed across BC, with their two new projects, Blackwater project and Rainy River which has been started in Ontario.

Two outstanding innovations that are so essential for today’s issues were presented by Robotiq and Wildfire Innovations companies. 

Robotiq introduced collaborative robots that serve “to free human hands from repetitive tasks,” said CEO, and co-founder, Samul Bouchard.

Products of Robotiq are already implemented and actively used in many manufacturing companies.

Wildfire Innovations presented their unique idea that helps to do Fire Fighting effectively. This new approach was founded and developed by Don Hallet, who came up with the idea in 2009 after being evacuated twice from wildfires.

Hallet developed ERIS (Elevated Rain Induced Solutions), this design helps to do firefighting quickly in hard to reach places. These new systems have been developed so well by Don and his team that they now have over 40 models that can reach over a 500-meter radius. But still, it’s a new and not well-known approach.

“It’s only here in BC now, I’m just watching now,” Hallet said.

This method helps to protect people, effectively manage wildfires and even prevents lightning by cooling down the ambient area.