Kamloops’ first-ever Caribbean Festival

The Kamloops Caribbean Cultural Society hosts their first event this Saturday

The first Kamloops Caribbean festival will be full of fun, art, and celebration. This Saturday from 12pm-8pm, the festivities will take place at Riverside Park with fun for all.

Denise McInnis, President of the Kamloops Caribbean Cultural Society, is the main event coordinator for the Kamloops Caribbean festival. She is a TRU student herself and has worked hard with the society to put on this event.

McInnis says “I do have Caribbean students who are members of the society. And they are also volunteering at the event. It’s not only students though.” She would specifically like to thank Hardley Williams, Keisha Morong, David McCatty, and Fitz-Henry Rodney for all their dedication.

McInnis says that the society just formed last year and that this is their first big event, which they hope to make annual.

“We wanted to bring the Caribbean flavours to Kamloops and what other way to do it than to host a first-ever Caribbean festival here. We will have Caribbean music, Caribbean food, and there will be a lot of fun family activities,” McInnis said.

More than that, McInnis says that “We are trying to bring some traditional Caribbean games. There will be a lot of performances beginning at 12 until 8. We have a lot of giveaways so there will be trivia questions and it will be educational.”

McInnis says that there will be posters around the park with facts about Caribbean culture and history for everyone to learn about.

Most importantly, there will be lots of food. There will be a variety of food trucks to accommodate those interested in Caribbean food, but also trucks for those that don’t have the same love for spice. Jamaican Kitchen will also be onsite to provide Caribbean flavours, alongside a beer garden as well.

Through a lot of community support from TRUSU, TRU Faculty of Arts and other businesses from around Kamloops, they were able to make this festival free to attend.

“Come and learn about Caribbean culture and Caribbean food. And it’s free!”

And although the festival is full of fun, McInnis says that they want to do more.

“We wanted to do a donation for something so we decided that some of the profits will go to the Bahamas,” McInnis commented.

Any extra donations and profits will go to hurricane relief efforts in the Bahamas, making the event helpful as well. The Kamloops Caribbean Society is a non-profit organization and hopes to do better for others.

There will also be an after-party that is less family-friendly after the event ends. This will be held at the Tumbleweed Plaza Lounge downtown from 9pm-1am.

Those looking for more information can find it on Facebook at the Kamloops Caribbean Cultural Society’s event page, Kamloops Caribbean Festival. You can also find more information about the society itself and the after-party.