Weekend orientation helps new on-campus residents find a community

Residence Orientation kicks off the school year for 300 students starting their journey at TRU

New on-campus residents dance as they mingle during Music in the Park at Riverside Park during orientation weekend. (Kaylee Butler/The Omega)

TRU Residence spent a busy weekend welcoming new residents with their second annual Residence Orientation.

This past weekend 300 students living in on-campus housing came together for a three-day Orientation program, run through TRU Housing. The events were planned by the Residence Life staff during the summer and focused on creating a community within the three on-campus residences.

This was the second orientation program, replacing what used to be the early move-in program and it has been a huge success with this year experiencing record numbers of participants.

Starting on the evening of move-in day, events included trips to popular Kamloops locations like Sun Peaks, a trip to Scoopz to see the last installment of music in the park, utilizing the slip and slide as well as laser tag.

The Residence even brought in guest speaker, A’ric Jackson who encouraged everyone to not be scared and trust in themselves and the decisions they will make this year.

Both residents and staff alike find that the orientation program helps them get settled into the school year and meet new people, especially through activities like capture the flag.

“The residents had so much fun [playing capture the flag] and it was interesting to see the tactics that they took to actually capture the flag,” Kudzai Nyakudya, a returning Resident Advisor at TRU Residence said, “We played Charades right after because people didn’t want to go home, we played for a solid 45 minutes, it was fun.”

Nyakudya came to the residence in 2017 and has been involved in various ways in residence since then.

“I think it helps people get out of their rooms and helps people form friendships. It helps people get over missing home,” Nyakudya said.

The Residence staff worked tirelessly to make sure that everyone feels welcome and that the residence building starts to feel like home.

“Try everything. Don’t be afraid to meet new people, it may be scary at first but you will thank yourself afterwards,”  Nyakudya expressed.

Throughout September there will be more events to help students learn more about where they live and how to maximize their potential.