The much loved Therapy Dogs set to be back on campus

TRU students can anticipate the best stress-busters come to the rescue

Fall classes have begun and they bring with them the beloved Therapy Thursdays: For The Love of Dogs program. If you’re a new student at TRU and are getting crowded with the stress of starting or coming back to university or anxiety in general, Thursday is the day you get to comfort yourself with lots of calming ‘woofs’.

The St. John Ambulance Therapy Dogs are around during the day in Old Main at Student Street. The volunteers are very friendly and the dogs are so affectionate. Just the way it should be.

Research suggests that using therapy dogs in times of increased anxiety or in response to traumatic events helps reduce symptoms of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Not only soothing but therapy dogs also help you develop your social and interpersonal skills according to research.

Besides, being the ‘coolest’ university in North America, TRU also focuses on the mental health and well being of its students.

The Wellness Centre is very welcoming and for a lot of students to put their guard down.

“The Wellness Centre is my safe space on campus. In the last few semesters, I would go there between classes just to take a break, chill or maybe even take a nap. There’s no judging, Andrilla Rahman, a second-year Bachelor of Science student said, “You could be just doing your own thing and it somehow just makes sense,”

While the therapy Thursday program returns to campus in the second week of September, the Wellness Centre is under construction and should be ready to go around the same time. So don’t forget to check out one of the best things that TRU has to offer this semester. Get involved, paw-se, relax and enjoy the fall while it lasts.