Man of Medan Play Station 4 game review

Until Dawn’s successor barely stays afloat next to its predecessor

Supermassive Game’s newest addition to their lineup of games works well enough that it earns a playthrough for its discounted price of $40 however nowhere lives up to the company’s first game Until Daw with both scope and entertainment.

Man of Medan is the first entry in The Dark Anthology collection where a group of five twenty-year-olds gets caught up in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse from both pirates that hijack their boat and the mystery of a haunted boat that they’re transported to.

This game up and foremost is an interactive story far more than a game. Yes, there are a lot of QTE’s (quick-time events) which a good amount of people will claim to be gameplay, however, there were far more things to experience with Until Dawn that gave it more of a gaming experience as opposed to a  this which comes off more of a virtual choose your own adventure book.

The story as well isn’t as revolutionary. There are a few interesting elements that give it some charm, though it only is after playing through the majority of mundane, cliche plot points. The characters are boring to get to know and feel rushed with such stale acting coming from all of the actors/actresses involved with the exception of Shawn Ashmore.

One key aspect of this genre of game is its impactful decision and this game does have some, and others just don’t have justifiable consequences towards decision. With no spoilers, one throwaway decision on what to say between two very similar sentences can lead to such an escalation that it’s almost ridiculous.

Possibly the worst part of the game is its length. If it was started and gone through all together with no breaks, the game runs a max runtime of 4 hours. Now, some might add time given to its emphasis on its replayability, however, if the game isn’t fun to play the first time around, there will be no motivation for the player to play the game again.

All-in-all, Man of Medan is a game that would be a great game to play for die-hard decision-based stories, however, causal players would be better off just buying a discount version of Until Dawn.