TRUSU Equity Committee joins forces with community

TRUSU hopes to begin collaborative partnerships with community groups

TRUSU Equity committee held its first Kamloops Equity Forum in hopes of bringing together support systems within the community.

During the first of what TRUSU expects will be quarterly meetings, members of Kamloops agencies including Kamloops YMCA/YWCA and Kamloops Sexual Assault Counselling Centre discussed upcoming initiatives and projects in hopes of sparking a collaborative community.

Graham Specht of Kamloops Immigration Services brought to the table the idea of diversifying what it means to be an “equity seeker”.

“When you say the word equity, my ultimate goal is to shift perspectives on public opinions of what is an equity seeker,” Specht said, “We have all of these identities and all these groups and people don’t want to feel like they’re being pigeon-holed in a social or cultural group who are definitely equity seekers.”

Many of those who showed up for the forum collectively decided that to build a stronger community, agencies would be stronger together.

Specht expressed concern with the lack of.

“It’s really about building connections and building community, trying to not only replicate work that’s already been done but also get the word out about initiatives,” Amie McLean, TRU’s Intercultural Coordinator, said.

TRUSU Equity Coordinator, Dylan Robinson, continued to speak hopefully on the steps TRU is working to make along side the community of Kamloops.

“Hopefully we can take some baby steps towards those larger goals,” Robinson said.