Students thank TRU with a lively display of culture

Indonesian students dazzle crowds with traditional performance

Indonesian students waved flags of both Indonesia and Canada as they finished yet another beautiful cultural performance in thanks for their time in Kamloops.(Cailyn Mocci/The Omega)

TRU and Kamloops welcomed the high school students of the International Islamic Education Council. Students thanked the community for the hospitality and experiences with a free cultural presentation called “Salingka Magari Ranah Minang: The Unique Culture of Minangkabau Indonesia”.

Each year, TRU partners with the International Islamic Education Council to bring students from Indonesia for 4-6 weeks to practice their English and learn more about Western culture, as well as sharing their own culture with Canadians.

This concluded the sixth year that the IIEC partnered with TRU for this cultural experience.

“Everyone has worked so hard to prepare for this amazing performance,” Lori De Frias, Associate Director of TRU World, said, “It is not often that we get to see this free wonderful talent and we are very very fortunate to have them here.”

Attendees were dazzled by the fashion show of traditional regalia from different Indonesian regions. (Cailyn Mocci/The Omega)

In total 155 students travelled from Indonesia to study Canadian culture along with 17 chaperones.

Salingka Magari Ranah Minang: The Unique Culture of Minangkabau Indonesia was a beautiful showcase of dancing, music, fashion and storytelling. Each student demonstrated the cultural difference that TRU has prided their campus on showcasing.

Stories such as “Sendatari Rambun Pamenan (Fragment of Rambun Pamenan” shared the old tale popular among Minangkabau people. Students performed a hybrid of storytelling and dance to tell the story of a brave young man fighting to protect a woman from thieves.

The evening also included a fashion show of regional traditional regalia, all beautifully stunning and intricate.

The students finished their performance with an original song thanking Canada sung by the entire crowd as they waved flags of both Canada and Indonesia with wide grins and laughter.