Ready or Not film review: A deadly take on a childhood game

The film based off of Hide and Seek that was actually great

Ready or Not is the one film this year that couldn’t be recommended enough not due to its quality (which isn’t anything to brag about) or its revolutionary directing, but just the ride it takes the viewer on with both its horror and comedic aspects of the film.

The picture revolves around Grace, who marries into a very wealthy family who, on the night of their wedding day, must play a deadly game of Hide and Seek and must stay alive until dawn in order to survive.

The acting on all the casts’ part was fantastic due to their ability to just juggle trying to seem relatively normal yet insane at the exact same time. The lead’s performance, (Samara Weaving) must also be commended due to her likability, charm and her ability at seeming utterly petrified yet still just being over everything.

The screenplay is the true star of the show by showing a very serious issue mixed in at the same time. The film actually holds a great theme of the disconnect that is present between the extremely wealthy and everyone else. With the exception of the character Daniel, who also stole the show in his own way, it gives both the desperation that people who are wealthy have in order to keep their riches and the opposite plague that comes from having it.

Having wealth and seeming relatable is a hard thing to reflect on a movie, due to a number of reasons, but with Ready or Not, it works. People who are there are either far too prepared to treat killing lower class people like animals or are forced to continue on with that with no option of escape, that realization can produce a lot of empathy from almost anyone.

Ready or Not is more than enjoyable, it offers a number of layered themes that elevate it with both its comedic moments keeping it light, its attention to its horror scenes give more weight to them. The film sticks the landing with its ending which makes it one of the must-see horror films to see this year.