Kamloops Pride hosts third annual Pride Parade

Everyone and their dog showed up in a sea of rainbow in streets of Downtown Kamloops

parade marchers took to Victoria street in bright, colourful costumes while waving the iconic rainbow flag. (Brendan Kergin/Kamloops Matters)

The streets of Victoria st. and Seymour st. were a sea of rainbows on Aug. 25, 2019 for the third annual Pride Parade. The parade was the icing on the cake to end Kamloops Pride Week.

Kamloops Pride’s president Sam Numsen and the rest of Kamloops Pride worked tirelessly to bring fun, insightful and safe events for the LGBTQ2S+ community and the allies standing behind them.

The Kamloops community flooded the streets in full force to celebrate equality and love. TRUSU waved their signs of equality. (Brendan Kergin/Kamloops Matters)

The crowds overtook the streets in full glee as music cascaded down the parade root from live DJing courtesy of Common Sounds. Kamloops locals were ready to celebrate even before the parade passed through the streets with dancing in the empty streets.

Crowds attending this year were on the rise at a 17 per cent increase from last year. This year’s parade brought in a crowd of 1,409 marchers total and 57 registered groups/organizations.

The celebration didn’t end as soon as the parade passed the crowds. Kamloops locals were invited to continue the support at the Kamloops Pride festival in the Stuart Wood park on St. Paul st.

As the sun shone on Kamloops, attendees basked in live music as they took in the wide array of creative costumes each taking a new take on the rainbow flag.