Fast and Furious presents: Hobbs and Shaw Review

No seriously we are not kidding, that is the film title

Hobbs and Shaw is a spinoff film in the Fast and Furious franchise where Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham play two spies whose conflicted past and hatred for one another hold a surprisingly fun show to watch and is far more enjoyable if watched in a certain fashion.

Hobbs and Shaw is about two spies in the Fast and Furious universe who are tasked to work together and find/stop a deadly bio-weapon that has the capability to have almost all of humanity wiped out.

The best way to describe this film and this series in a nutshell was actually given to me by a Youtuber by the name The Cosmonaut Variety Hour with his video titled “I Became a Fast and Furious Fan in One Week – And You Can Too”. In it, he goes on to show that, if you watch the series not as a realistic action movie with a focus on cars but as an anime, the series takes on such a new meaning.

So many times, I’d watch a scene that, if taken normally, would be taken as unrealistic, cheesy and cliché. But when you change your perspective to the rules and regulars that anime hold, those same scenes become more enjoyable, shows the characters in a better light and gives regular cites and settings into more lively atmospheres. The characters stop being seen as the embodiment of alpha-male mentality and become characters that reflect the moral side of every argument in the same way anime protagonists have done it for years.

The ’70s action style that the story also gives a lot to work with just due to the fact that the characters don’t focus on it that mush anyway. At one point, it just stops being about saving the world from a deadly virus stuck in a focal character just to have siblings forgive each other for their childhood actions.

Hobbs and Shaw isn’t a thinking piece, it isn’t going to leave people smarter than before they watched it. But viewing it from a different perspective gives it far more personality than meets the eye and holds a lot of entertainment that, if taken as less serious as possible, will leave a smile on a viewer’s face.