Have you stopped to smell the roses?

Learn whats growing on campus with a scroll through the Horticulture Garden

Garden tours offer a beautiful stroll though the Horticulture Garden during the blooming months of the warm and sunny Kamloops summer. (Justin Moore/The Omega)

Have you ever taken a moment to really appreciate the vast array of plants growing across every inch of campus? Do you lack the space for your own garden in your tiny apartment but love the fresh scent of flowers? Do you not have a single clue when it comes to the plants growing right here at home?

The TRU Garden Tours are opening the eyes of the Kamloops community with an intimate look at the Horticulture gardens and the growing life all around TRU. Led by a passionate gardener, these tours offer a quiet and peaceful look at one of the most beautiful hidden nooks on campus.

The Garden Tours run with a different theme to keep the knowledge and interest just as fresh as the flowers painting the beds of the garden. Themes follow the natural ebbs and flows of the garden as they bud and bloom.

Each tour is guided by members of the TRU Friends of the Garden, with the most recent tour on July 10 led by Master Gardener, Diana Chalmers.

TRU Friends of the Garden is a non-profit built with a group of individuals from the community with a passion for preserving, promoting, and expanding the horticulture activities on the Thompson Rivers University campus and within the greater Kamloops area. Friends of the Garden emphasizes education and sharing the love of gardening with others.

TRU Garden Tours are 100 per cent free to attend and students are encouraged to take a more in-depth look at the campus community they live in. Attendees are to dress for the weather and wear comfortable shoes for a stroll along the loose gravel of the garden.

Tours will run every Wednesday until August 21, 6:30 to 7:30 P.M., meeting behind House 10.